11-16 July 2022
Europe/Moscow timezone
For authors of online talks: we will send videoconference links 1 day before the session to e-mail addresses specified in the Registration form


As always, the conference proceedings will be published in special topical issues of four peer-reviewed journals:

  • Physics of Atomic Nuclei
  • Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics
  • Moscow University Physics Bulletin
  • Nuclear Physics and Engineering

Manuscripts can be prepared in Russian or in English. Deadline for manuscript submission is September 30, 2022 (except for Nuclear Physics and Engineering, see below).

Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics

Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences: Physics (in Russian: Известия РАН. Серия физическая) is an international peer-reviewed conference proceedings journal established in 1936.

See more at http://www.izv-fiz.ru

NUCLEUS-2022 proceedings will be published in the n°8, August, 2023.

Please make sure to read the author guidelines (Russian, English) and use the manuscript template (Russian, English) to prepare the manuscript. Only submissions conforming to the author guidelines are accepted.

Manuscripts, prepared by authors from Moscow and Moscow region (including Dubna) and from countries other than Russia, should be sent by e-mail to K. A. Stopani (kstopani@sinp.msu.ru).

Manuscripts, prepared by authors from other cities of Russia should be sent to A. K. Vlasnikov (vlasnik@list.ru).

Physics of Atomic Nuclei

Physics of Atomic Nuclei (in Russian: Ядерная физика) is dedicated to publication of articles covering new research in broad range of topics of nuclear physics.

Author's guidelines and license agreement forms can be downloaded here.

Web-site in Russian: https://sciencejournals.ru/journal/yadfiz
Web-site in English: https://www.pleiades.online/en/journal/nuclphys/main

Please send the prepared manuscripts to the editorial e-mail yadfiz@pleiadesonline.com with a note that the manuscript is directed to the Proceedings of "NUCLEUS-2022".

Moscow University Physics Bulletin

Moscow University Physics Bulletin is an international peer-reviewed journal (in Russian: Вестник Московского Университета. Серия 3. Физика. Астрономия, or ВМУ). IF (2020) 0,672 (Q3).

The articles are to be submitted electronically via direct Web upload accessed on the official page of the journal:


Information for contributors can be found here:


When submitting the contribution, please make sure to mark it as proceedings of the conference “NUCLEUS-2022”.

Upon submission of the article, please notify the organizing committee (T.Yu. Tretyakova, tretyakova@sinp.msu.ru) about the contribution.

Nuclear Physics and Engineering

Nuclear Physics and Engineering (in Russian: Ядерная физика и инжиниринг) is an international peer-reviewed journal specializing in applied fields from nuclear engineering to accelerator physics and nanotechnology. The journal also publishes articles in the field of fundamental nuclear and particle physics.

Editor's letter to authors can be downloaded here.

See more at: https://npe.mephi.ru/en

Manuscripts should be sent to the Editor I. V. Safonov (npe@mephi.ru).

Deadline for manuscript submission: July 30, 2022.